Why Buy The Cow?! The Milk is Free!!!!

Let me get this straight...you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be in a relationship? Makes...sense. Are you even happy and content with that situation? How does it feel when you can't always call on them, but you're always there for them? How does it feel when you're loyal and stuck in the house watching TV bored, while they're outside with their friends, partying, not worrying about you because they're enjoying their best life yet you, the loyal one, are trying to show them that you are for them? Shit sucks I bet. I've been in that predicament where I was for someone. He couldn't show me the actions I showed him, he wasn't ready, yet I continued to fight for him and argue over him and make myself look like a fool for him, only for him to continuously leave and come back whenever he wanted. I had to realize that he was about him at that moment. He didn't care about how I felt or what I had to say as long as it benefited him. I was giving him too much while accepting the minimum and that's when bullshit spiraled and I eventually grew courage and told myself I didn't need him. First off, let me just say that needing someone and wanting someone are two totally different things. You should never need anyone for anything. That hands them too much power and they're able to manipulate and use this to their advantage and while you’re sitting around playing house, cooking him or her breakfast, washing their clothes, cleaning up behind them, doing all these wife and husband tendencies without the wife and husband status, you’ll start to feel used. There’ll be this little hollow feeling. You’ll feel like you’re dragging your feet and your happiness starts to fade because the appreciation is no longer there. The so called love is no longer there. But hey, you gave all that free milk, so you have to suck it up.

You have to make a decision for yourself. What is your worth? What is your limit? When do you finally say you’re done? Do you even know?! I never know. I’m so optimistic it’s fucking scary and every single time I was with someone, whether it be talking or dating, I had to figure out why I was giving so much of myself to them, yet accepting shit. Pure bullshit. All that free damn milk man. I started to learn what pushed my buttons, what I would and would not tolerate and if I tolerated something, how long could I tolerate it. I lost myself in so many relationships whether it was with a guy or a girl because I just wanted to make them happy when I never made myself happy. You have to learn your limits. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from my relationships, it’s that I have to have some sort of power after it ends. When my relationships ended, I was stripped of damn near everything and had to resort back to my parents. Fuck that! I will never allow another person to put me in a situation where I feel as though they are needed. When I’m ready, it’ll be because I want to be with that person. Not because I needed to be with that person.


When you’re with someone and they make you feel like a queen or king, they can’t breathe when you’re away. They can’t stand the thought of you failing. They are your biggest support system. There’s never a time where he or she will not be there for you. When you’re with that person, there’s no question about compromise or faith or loyalty, there’s just you two together. You guys are the only people you see, you guys have a future to marry, you guys have a future to build together, you guys are for and will always be and only will be for each other. Make a man or woman stimulate your mind. Be adventurous with each other. Anybody can have sex and anybody can live together, but the ones who are all about commitment, the ones who are all about you, they will buy every last drop of that milk and cherish it. Don’t compromise yourself for anyone too early. You’ll feel that regret and unhappiness seep in and you’ll continue to ask yourself why you’re with that person and why you don’t have the damn balls to break it off.