When Over There Looks Better Than Over Here

As humans, we don't always understand how to be grateful for certain things. We complain and think things will never go right but in reality, it could be SO much worse. Now when things make a turn for the worst, we start to become envious of that happy individual that's making the moves we want to make. We tend to be very negative towards one another. For example, a 47 year old woman was laid off from a job she had been working for damn near 10 years, and instead of abiding by society's rules by working a 9-5, she said she wanted to start a T-shirt line. Mind you, this woman has bills, she has things to do, but she rather follow her heart and chase her dreams and make her shirts thrive for her family. When people heard about what she was doing, they had a lot of shit to say like "You too old, you might as well just find another job" or "You not gon make a lot of money doing that, do this" or "Everybody already doing that, you not gon succeed." Bitch damn near everybody can make bread and sell it so what's your excuse? Stop making excuses! Those people push off that negative energy because they're too afraid to make that sacrifice, too afraid to be told no, too afraid to just take a leap of faith. God didn't create us to worry or to fear, yet it's instilled in us by man because they can be the biggest critics. That negative energy can come from anything, maybe you lost a loved one and feel as though you have no more fight in you to move on, or maybe you lost your job and are not sure how you're going to make it. At the end of the day, you have to understand that when you look into other people's lives, the grass isn't always greener. But you start to think so. You start thinking that their situation looks a lot better than your situation, but you don't know what that person went through to get to where they are today. It's funny when over there starts to look better than over here because we become ungrateful about the things that we already have or may feel like is too much to deal with. To say I've never considered the greener grass is an understatement because when something doesn't go right for me, I tend to look at everyone else and think of how lucky they are that they're even in that position to do that. I start to get mad and just throw the whole damn dream of even becoming something big away because I'm so worried that I don't have what they have to get to where I need to be. But that's called COMPARING. It's bad enough we're walking around like we're entitled to something but when things go wrong, we tend to think it's the end of the world and we begin to look at other people who seem to have it all together, we think that's where we want to be, we think the grass is greener on that side, but once we encounter those specific sacrifices that they had to make in order to get there, we want to back out or say that something is too hard. My complete point that I'm intending to make is to be very grateful. You lose a lot of blessings when you keep a negative light around you. When over there starts to look better than over here, don't complain, continue to work hard and count your blessings and know that your time is coming. Also, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Everyone isn't fit to be a scammer, or a rapper, or a stripper, or an instagram famous personnel, or anything that you see everybody doing. That's popular now I guess but it may not be fit for you. That shit that's making them blow up don't last for long. Walk your true path with no fears. Fear will keep you behind. Be patient. Be grateful. Stay prayed up!