The Weak Link

In order to be happy, you need to start with self love. I once heard from a man that people who cannot be without or on their own or live alone, are the weakest and most negative people. I’m not sure about the negative part, but the weakest part I can understand. In order to give love, you have to understand how to process it. You have to understand how to love yourself before you start tossing the shit around.  

Start with focusing on being happy. First, let go of the idea of happiness. I know that’s pretty difficult seeing as how everyone has some sort of idea of being happy. I know I have one hell of an idea of being happy with the fairy tales I create in my head half the time, but the crazy thing about it is that we as people in this generation think we have to have something materialistic to make us happy. We think we have to have certain conditions like a certain house, car, or even a certain person. I’ll be as brutally honest as I can be, you’re weak if you feel a materialistic thing makes you happy. You’re weak if you feel as though you have to be with someone because you’re scared to be alone and so you can wake up and say you had someone laying next to you. For example, when you wake up and you’re with someone who you feel you have to be with, how do you feel? What goes through your mind? Are you unhappy? My ass would be unhappy as hell. I would mope around the house all day and piss the person off all the time because instead of saying it’s over and being by myself and starting over, I just want to stick it out and rub all my energy on the next person and have their ass moping and unhappy with me. It’s unhealthy. It’s unhealthy to force something. People have these ideas of happiness and they preach it because it’s their scapegoat. If you haven’t been able to be happy, to feel happiness and joy, it’s because you’re caught in your idea. The sooner you let go of that certain idea and mindset, you become more truthful and realistic with yourself.  

Another weak link most have is opinion. Someone’s too fat, someone’s too skinny, someone’s too dark, or someone’s too light. Take it from someone who’s been through the caring of others opinion stage, and still goes through it from time to time, if you know yourself and you know your self worth, opinions don’t matter. If you walk around feeling as though you need to please others to make yourself feel better, you need to double check that mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, handsome, sexy, wild, whatever you tell yourself to feel great, do that. Don’t go looking for approval because you’ll get a rude awakening. Your beauty and intelligence does not need to come from others adoring you. Instead, keep inner peace and self love which is an even greater worth than the next person’s opinion of you. Once you realize that, you’ll stop explaining yourself when you realize people only understand from their level of perception.