Progress is a Process!

Progress is a process.jpg

Embrace this phrase as your mantra: Progress is a process! When you spend too much time comparing yourself to others, you take your eyes off your vision and sow unnecessary seeds of doubts and insecurity. When you’re tempted to compare yourself with others, or condemn yourself for what you have or haven’t done, consider these four simple questions to help you be more gentle to yourself and begin embracing your process of progress. While you are my subscriber, I will not allow you to feel low or vulnerable because I am here for you!

Are your expectations realistic?

It is important to expect success, but it is also important to understand that you can’t set your expectations so high that they are rarely, if ever met. Dream big! Then give yourself a realistic timeline in which to manifest the dream. One of the biggest reasons people never reach their vision is that they expect it to come to life quickly. Give yourself the time and space to succeed and measure success by your definition, not by everyone else’s.

How far have you come?

It can be easy to forget that every circumstance is unique. You might’ve been able to be in a better place, but you’ve had a lot to overcome along the way. Give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made. Maybe you struggle in opening up in relationships or communicating with others, but you never saw positive relationships or communication modeled for you growing up. Even though you may not be where you want to be, be grateful for the strides you’ve made in areas that are difficult. Maybe your stumbling blocks aren’t just in you relationships, but with your finances, career, or your health. Always acknowledge your progress.

Where are you in the process?

Progress is a process. If you’ve recently transitioned into a new career or started a business, relationship, or other goal, consider where you are in the process. Be willing to stick with your plan, persevere and practice patience as you move through the stages of learning and growth along your journey.

What are you doing right?

Make a list of what you are doing right. When you lose your focus by making comparisons, it is important to bring to mind your positive actions and commitments. This kind of acknowledgement can be a reality check or an energy boost to get you unstuck and refocused on the things you can control.

It’s been time to start thinking differently, but for those of you who still need that little push, I want you to know that when you want to be successful, you have to start thinking successfully. If you are going to compare yourself, because that’s something I can’t make you stop doing, I at least want you to use social comparison in ways that help your happiness. I want you to notice those less fortunate and find ways to give and help them. Notice those who are more fortunate and feel grateful for the life and blessings currently present in their lives. That’s a big bold one, but that’s called being the bigger and better more humble person. Last but not least, notice those who are further along on their success journey and find inspiration and lessons in their stories.