Power Questions to Boost Your Happiness: A Personal Coaching Toolkit

You can answer these questions in a journal or with a friend or family member who can listen and then give you the space to explore your answers without attempting to give you the answers.

  1. What brings you joy? You can make a list. Keep it where you can see it daily when you get up or when you get home from a long day, then make a decision each day to incorporate the things that bring you joy.

  2. What has a tendency to drain joy from your life? It’s just as important to understand what you DON’T want as it is to know what you DO want. Find ways to reduce or eliminate the things that drain your joy.

  3. Who are the happy people in your circle of friends? Spend more time talking to and being around happy people. If you research the “theory”, it’s clear that positive friends are definitely a happiness booster.

  4. When it comes to your work-life harmony, what do you feel guilty about? Dig a little deeper if you are feeling guilty and then ask yourself, what belief or personal rule do you feel you are breaking that causes you to feel guilty? Is the value of the rule helping you or hurting you? And if it’s hurting you, is it time for you to choose a more helpful belief or rule for yourself and if it’s time, what would that new belief or rule be for you?

  5. What lifestyle changes do you want to make a personal goal? What will this lifestyle change give you that you do not have right now?

  6. What expectations did you hold earlier in your adult life that have not been met? In what ways has this impacted your happiness? What adjustments could you make to those expectations?

  7. Strong relationships contribute to higher levels of happiness. Who are your three closets confidants? What could you do to strengthen those relationships? If you don’t have three or four very close friends, what steps could you take towards strengthening an existing friendship or meeting new people with similar interests as you?

  8. What is your definition of happiness?

  9. In what ways do you tend to compare yourself? When are you triggered to start comparing yourself? Next time you feel like you need to start comparing, put things into perspective by also reminding yourself of your tremendous blessings.

  10. What can you do today to boost someone else’s happiness? Always remember that one of the fastest ways to happiness is helping someone else.

Think differently, be intentional about taking actions daily that lead to authentic happiness. I hope this helps!