My Future King

I’m in love with the way you stand your ground
The way you protect me
The way you consider me before yourself

I’m in love with the way you lay on my chest and snuggle underneath me 
The way you say I miss you
The way you make me laugh

I’m in love with the way you handle the argument
The way you say “What can I do to make it better”
The way you hug me and smell the perfume that I wear and say “You smell good”

I’m in love with the way you laugh at a show
The way you ask if I’m okay
The way you look at me

The love I have for my future king will never go unnoticed and for the many kings that are out there who are everything a woman can dream of, please know that your hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed. Us, women, can be stubborn and forget that we don’t give you the appropriate appreciation that is deserved. To any man that makes the conscious effort to make sure their duties are tended to whether it be family, friends, or any situation, I see you putting your best foot forward and you are not overlooked in my book. Instead of tearing and picking down a great, dedicated man, let’s give more appreciation to those who make actions that are will always leave a piece of hope in our hearts. To the fathers, whether you be single or married, who give their children that love and respect and attention that is needed. To the husbands, who see their wives smile and their hearts warm up inside. To the boyfriends, who go above and beyond to make us see that they are worthy and understanding. To the men, who love their women and praise us, YOU ALL ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!