Dear Haters...

Dear haters,

Do. Not. Quit. On. Me! I thrive when you guys are around. You know the names, the whereabouts, the gossip( whether it’s true or not), you guys keep great tea, therefore you keep me young. I appreciate waking up to a hater’s comment and laughing while I’m in the shower, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, shopping, I love it. I don’t think you guys understand the strength I gain from you. I keep the ability to look at myself and still understand that I am the most beautiful woman on this earth. I am the dopest. I am the strongest. I am the brightest. I am the most dedicated. I am simply the best. I can appreciate the haters because you guys’ love for me is too real. And that fact that you know that you can’t tear me down but try, is super freaking cute! You can’t tear me down because I’m a savage and the way God wakes me up on a cloudy day yet I still think it’s sunny out, should show you that I am an unbothered motherfucker. I make your lives better because your discussions of me really keep me known. I’ll admit, you guys know how to tip a woman’s crown over, but my shit is super glued, so there’s no need for adjustments with me. I continue to show you how much of an unbothered woman I am.

This isn’t just for me. This is for anyone out there who’s battling something whether it be bullying, a new career, a new business, anything. There will always be someone in this world that is just not in your corner. I say fuck 'em, but I’m old fashioned like that. If you need a different approach, you’ll work that out and learn how to stomp them hating leeches out. This isn’t about friends, this is about the general population that contains negativity. Let them haters see you shine!