Black Power: A Nipsey Tribute

For some reason, when I heard about Nipsey’s death, it struck a nerve and I broke down crying. I was up all night contemplating on why this happened, why they would’ve wanted to shut this brilliant man up? Then everything flooded over me, every black life that was ended due to gun violence, every black life that was ended period. I asked God what’s so wrong with even the slightest bit of black power? Why do we hate each other so much? Why is it so hard for us to stand together and not kill each other? He shed some light on the situation by showing me that not one of us are safe. We’re hit with so many stereotypes and images that some of us begin to give up and say what’s the point of change when all we are to this world is a joke. Nipsey’s death helped me back track and go over my own ways of thinking along with most of the world’s and although his death disturbed me, the reasons it may have happened scared me even more and I know that activists have died due to them being so close to exposing the truth or they were just strong black individuals, but I’m totally puzzled with this world. I’ve always been puzzled, but it made me think. See, when they see a black man on the brink of brilliant things, they try to silence that. The world is afraid of a knowledgeable black man. What’s even more outrageous is how society can’t handle the knowledge stemming from just one of us. Imagine the power we can have if we group together and share that knowledge. That’s why there’s such a huge target on us at the individual level before we can even reach our community to share that knowledge on a more broad scale. Ignorance is the tool society uses to keep us controlled. Knowledge is power and there’s so much power in knowing when something isn’t right for you. Even dating back to biblical times, Adam and Eve were happy because they weren’t aware of the knowledge of good and evil. Before the apple, Adam and Eve lived a blissful life. After the apple, there was this new view on life. This wicked reality showed them that there is a such thing as bad and wrong, and with that new knowledge came new perspectives. I thought about some of us and our lack of knowledge. Knowledge is power. The lack of knowledge results in ignorance. We as a minority, are being held back due to that ignorance. Why? Maybe we’re lazy. Maybe we’re content with what’s been given to us already. Maybe we’re too selfish to help our own even though we share the same needs. The majority (whites) have the resources and the knowledge to use them, but we have to continuously fight for these damn resources, so what happens when we get tired of fighting? We snatch the shit back, we damn near create our own. When a person decides to no longer dwell in their ignorance and step out to gain the necessary knowledge along with creating access to resources, it not only benefits them but also benefits their community. When this happens, there is a break in the systematic control provided by our government. Nipsey said “It’s a marathon. All we gotta do is keep going.” so I’m here just like many others are here for you to let you know that you don’t have wait for the majority to help you so that you can fight for freedom. All you have to do is be an intelligent human being. Instead of looking down on one another, we should all love one another. It’s clear that we don’t value the lives of black people because we take words, conflicts, or disputes and turn our reactions into life changing altercations, permanent situations that we thought would make us feel better inside, but in reality, creates a continuous setback for us. It’s hard to defend us to the majority when we don’t defend or protect ourselves as a community.

“So life is what you make it. I hope you make a movement. Hope your opportunity survives the opportunist. Hoping as you walk across the sand you see my shoe print and you follow til it change your life, it’s all an evolution.”

- Nipsey Hussle “Bigger Than Life”