My Mama Said I Don't Have Any Friends

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to run up to my mama and tell her about all the friends I had made in school and the best friends I thought I had and I remember her not giving me any sort of excitement at all whenever I would tell her. So I stopped telling her all together because that was pissing me off. Eventually, when I got to 6th grade and thought I made more friends, I learned the hard way that no one was really my friend and my mama brutally said “You don’t have any friends. You never truly had any friends, but you had to learn”. Uh learn what ma’am? I’m sure she told me this before, but damn clearly I needed some examples like some stick people, some scenarios, something. But I simply had to learn to stop using the friend term so loosely with anyone. If you’re out here calling everyone your friend, your circle is too damn big and within that big ass circle of yours are HATERS. Yep, your ass has haters. You probably had them way before, but now with you calling every Dick, Tom, and Jerry your friend, you’ve opened the door for the lurkers, ones who wait around and praise the bad news they hear about you.

Now you’re trying to figure out why the hell your energy is so damn low. Those dumb ass leeches that you’re around are draining you of your positivity. If you want some real tea on a so called friend, watch how they move with you, around you, to you. Just watch. Prime example, one of my close friends had a so called friend and my friend was always there for her. Now I had never met the little girl before, but she sounded nasty and I didn’t like that. It seemed like when things were beneficial to the girl, she would call my friend, make sure she supports and all other sort of extra stuff, but when my friend needed any sort of help like support or a hug, that little girl wasn’t there and she was selfish as hell. Whenever my friend had good ideas or had things going good for her, the girl was not as happy as she should have been. Moral of the story is the bi...girl, wasn’t being a very good friend. Sorry, I almost got out of character here. The key point I’m making with that situation is, if you feel a vibe that your friend does not support you genuinely, you need to let their ass go. If you’re a bigger wing man than the person who’s supposed to be your friend and supporter, you have to remove their ass before they become an even bigger leech.

I understand that having friends can be important, but choose your friends the way you choose relationships because that’s a relationship at the end of the day and if they ass acting like they don’t want to be a friend and they want you to support, but don’t want to support you, drop them damn chicken dinners and get you some winners because that makes no sense. If I tell you not to compromise yourself too early in your own relationship, don’t do that shit with your friendships. I’m extremely protective over my close friends and I don’t play that, so keep your circle small. You see all that drama you just read? You don’t want or need to deal with that. My forehead itches right now typing this kind of drama or with any kind of drama and I don’t have the patience for any of that. If you’re not for me the way that I’m for you, I don’t want to be around you. It takes too much energy to smile than it does to frown and if you’re making me frown when I’m usually always smiling, I can’t even consider you a friend. I would be sick of you at that point, but that’s just me. Choose people around you wisely. Stop calling people your friends who you can’t share a bonding experience with. It’s a shame when you look around this world and on the news and see how so many so called friends were the purpose of a murder. Grab a small group that protects you just as the person in your relationship would. Don’t just say “Oooo girl I love your frontal. Let’s be friends”. I would have to pop you lol because my mama would do the same thing to me while telling me I don’t have any friends. I have sisters from another mother lol. I’m extremely close with them and I know that regardless of what hard time comes, no judgement will be passed and nothing but real ness will come out of their mouths even when I don’t want to hear it and nine times out of ten I hate hearing the truth, but I stick with them because they develop me just as I do them. Get y’all some sisters and brothers!