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Deniqua Sade

My name’s Deniqua. My middle name is Sade, hence Sade’ Says. I’ve been into writing since I could understand putting sentences together and I’ve been into the major changes of life that everyone goes through since I was about 13 years old. I love being able to give advice and demonstrate strength in some sort of way. I love giving advice to young adults. The ones who feel lost or feel alone. I’ve been in that space before and I’ve seen a lot of dark spaces, but I’ve seen much lighter ones in my day. I smile when I should frown but I don’t really like wrinkles like that, so I’ll keep smiling. They say it takes more energy to smile so if you guys can imagine, my face stays stale sometimes because that’s just too much energy for one person lol. I think I’m funny too, but people laugh at me regardless of if I’m being serious or not, so I can somewhat say I’m not taken seriously, but at the same time, I am. I have to put my deep voice on so people get the hint, but you have to do that sometimes to get the point across. I love to see people uplifted and I love to see winners. It took me some time to find my calling. A very close person to me asked “If you could do what you love for free, what would it be?” And I thought about that question for a while and when I figured it out, I was giving out advice to one of my friends and it just clicked for me. I want to make people think of things differently. I don’t want people be stuck in a mentality that you have to do it a certain way because everyone else is. No. I want people to defy shit and create their own path. I did. And although I’m still working and learning about myself, I love sharing the journey with people. I want everyone to learn from my mistakes and know that you can prosper regardless of your situation whether it be your upbringing, your relationships, your friendships, I want you guys to see my experiences and live your own. Be free and when you read my life and choices and stories, you’ll be free too!